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The light is right and the scene is authentic. Someone stands con- spicuously visible in the area for a photographer. That is the base for spontaneous an unusual Street Photography and random Spot Portraits. We call it Street Art. We document social life. We create tie documents. 
Someone who takes this seriously sees the situation as an opportunity to photograph his next artwork. After all, over 60 percent of all photographs in galleries are portraits and street photography.
But there are also ethical rules. Addressing the photographed person and showing the photo is just one of many obligations.
And why not ask beforehand? People who know that they are being photographed immediately change their behavior. The authen- ticity and naturaless of the scene is lost. But of course everyone has the right to demand that the image be deleted. But it happens seldom.
This photograph is a moment of your life.
Maybe you want to share, maybe you want to change it in a valuable print. Then let us exchange contact files or visit the gallery two days later. Here we offer a digital single photo or a set. (Max. 3 photos) (Sixe: 1000 Px. ) All photos are edited and ready to „upload“ in Social Media. You will receive the photos by e-mail or messenger. And if you want it special, then let‘s think in print.  
Spot Portraits
Note for costs: It‘s a coffee Random Spot Portraits from Street Photography are not an economic turn over factor for the Photographer. Things happen and a Street Photographer let it happen. That‘s it. But please note: These photos must also be backed up first. Image processing and delivery requires time and technical effort. Single Photo: 2,50 Euro max. 2 Set of 3-5         : 6,50 Euro
Rights and obligations You may use, share  and publish without any restriction and time limit. You may also print what you have. Commercial use for advertising purposes for brands and companies is not permitted. In this case, however, we happy to offer a legally permissible.
What we not may do and we will never do: The missuse of photographs
We are not entitled to offer or trade such photos to third parties. Neither for commercial nor for private purposes. That includes also any kind of stock photo platforms. We only may photographs for reference at our own webpages. If you are interested in earning money with your photos (stock photos, agencies), we will be happy to make an agreement with you. We are not entitled to derive any commercial benefit from these images. If we believe that your photo is worth showing in a gallery or in a book, a declaration of consent is required beforehand. Any usage authorization can also be withdrawn in the event of misuse. (International Media Law) For all legal questions, please contact: backoffice.ChristianvonderEltz.com Studio Company since 1992, Germany. Hong Kong. Registered in Rome 2022
Spot Portraits
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